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Short response time

We guarantee short response time


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The beginnings of the family business Konpres d.o.o. date back to 1996 when we started with the design of press tools and machine elements in our toolmaking workshop. Years of experience and knowledge in the field of toolmaking manifest themselves in satisfied and regular customers. Today, we can offer them project management in full: from the product design to the series production. We guarantee them short response time, great flexibility, knowledge and experience which enable us to face challenges very well and find the most adequate solutions at competitive prices. 

In 2018 we acquired the international certificate ISO 9001, with which we prove the ability that our products and services meet legal and customer requirements as well as our endeavour to constantly enhance the customer satisfaction with the process approach. In addition, because of the increased work load and number of employees we moved into a new production facility in early 2019 that enables us better conditions for work and growth.



We design and make quality tools for sheet metal forming: progressive, deep-drawing, punching, bending and prototype press tools for automotive industry (Rolce Royce, Mercedez, Tesla, Volkswagen, Bentley, Audi and Ford), food industry (Bosch Siemens) and electro industry (Baumüller, Gebauer & Griller). The presses from 16 to 200 t enable us the forming of different kinds of materials: copper, aluminium, (stainless) steel and brass, up to a thickness of 5 mm. The designed press tools can be tested in our or in customer’s workshop, we make measuring protocols and null series. We make series production as well.



With our knowledge and rich experiences we can offer you comprehensive counselling: from the idea to the series production.


We manage the whole project: design, tool making, prototype construction and series production.


For the products with severe deep drawing conditions we make you a simulation with the most modern Software.


    • CNC lathing and milling
    • flat-surface grinding
    • wire erosion


    • electrophoretic coating (KTL)
    • zinc plating
    • zinc-nickel plating Zn


    • welding of smaller structures
    • resistance welding


In 2018, we obtained the quality certificate ISO 9001 that is issued by the Slovenian Institute of Quality and Metrology.

With this international standard, we want to further enhance the customer satisfaction and gain their confidence in our products and services. The standard requires the management of organisational processes in the sense of PDCA cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Act); therefore, we constantly aim for an effective intern communication and a respectful relationship with our customers. 

SIQ certificate and IQNet certificate


In the company, we designed the quality policy that provides the basis for our goals and obliges us to continually fulfil the requirements of the quality management system ISO 9001 and to improve it.

Partnership relationships

We constantly endeavour to maintain and improve the customer satisfaction, meaning that we are
responsive, we stick to the agreed, search common situations and adapt to their needs.

Quality services

We place great emphasis on the supply of quality products and services that meet legal requirements
and regulations, with which we can build trust with our (potential) business partners.

Investing in the development

An important part of our quality policy is investing in the infrastructure and development. We create
a positive working environment that, together with different kinds of possibilities, guarantees the
development of the workers.

Internal audits

With the regular internal audits we endeavour to continuously improve the organisational processes.
With the recertification audits we prove that we work according to the quality management system.



KONPRES, konstruiranje, orodjarstvo, storitve d. o. o.

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